What’s your story?

This image recently came up in my social media feed, and I immediately identified with it, as we have two miniature daschunds who are definitely sensitive to the weather outside. It takes a lot of coaxing to convince them to take a potty break if it’s raining. (meanwhile, one of our cats could care less about the weather, and bolts before she has a chance to register how welcoming the outdoors is.)

As I thought about the image, I saw a lot of correlation to us as individuals, whether at home, in our community, or at work. Sometimes, particularly when things are difficult or changing, it’s not easy to take that first step. And…it’s also very tempting, and easy, to retreat.

As leaders, we’re tasked with setting the tone for our team and organization, and this can often put us in new or uncharted territory. And it’s those leaders that lean into it, strategically forging ahead, who often are the most successful, most effective. (and let’s be honest…sometimes there’s no strategy involved at all…we just dive in and hope for the best, learning as we go.)

As you reflect on your leadership journey, and look ahead to 2021, what’s your story? What patterns do you want to reinforce? What patterns do you want to let go of? And what new patterns would you like to see?

At LLG, we work with leaders at all levels, helping them gain clarity and focus, helping them operate at their most effective.

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